YARD BAR is now open at 6700 Burnet Road.

Good Food, Great Drinks, WIFI, and dogs.

You're welcome. XO

Come and stay for awhile

  • SUN - TH: 11AM - 10PM
  • FRI - SAT: 11AM - 11PM

Your dog is healthy, happy, and plays well with others. We'd love to play with them at Yard Bar! No breed restrictions. Large Dog and Small Dog areas provided. Memberships and Park Fees are for DOGS ONLY. SIGN UP TODAY!

Annual Membership

$150 for one dog + $25 for each additional dog

Unlimited park admission

Members only discounts on events, food and drink

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Monthly Fee

$15 for one dog + $5 for each additional

Unlimited park admission

5 Visit Park Pass

$20 per dog

Good for 5 visits

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Daily Fee

$5 per dog



For the safety of our children, our dog park is 21+. All ages are welcome on our dining patio.

1.ALL dogs must be registered by their owner's on-site at Yard Bar. Owner's are responsible for their dog’s behavior. Kindly pay attention. Keep your dog’s leash with you at all times.

2. All dogs in the park must wear a collar displaying current tags with name and contact info. All leashes, choke chains, prong collars, head collars, and harnesses must be removed in the transition Dog House area prior to entering the park.

3. Respect your Bark Rangers. If asked to separate your dog, leash your dog, or remove your dog, kindly do so quickly. Ignoring a Bark Ranger’s request may lead to removal from the park by Yard Bar management.

4. Bark Rangers may separate dogs, redirect them to more suitable play, or physically remove them from the premises. Dogs who display any type of aggression will be removed from the park.

5. All dogs must be in good health with no injuries or parasites. Visit the WONDERCIDE Spray & Play station at the membership desk for natural organic flea and tick control.

6. NO dogs under 4 months of age.

7. All dogs must be current on vaccinations including Parvo Virus, Distemper, Rabies and Bordatella.

8. ALL dogs must be spayed or neutered.

9. Two dogs maximum per person.

10. NO outside human food, dog food, treats, toys, or chews allowed.

11. NO foster dogs allowed without written consent from the foster organization.

12. Kindly clean up after your dog. Bags and receptacles are provided.

13. All dogs in the park must be accompanied by a pet parent. If you need to leave the park for any reason, take your dog with you on leash or ask a Bark Ranger for help.

14. Small dogs may enter the large dog area at the pet parent’s discretion. Large dogs may not play in the small dog area unless given a approval from a Bark Ranger.


By signing this document, either physically, digitally, or verbally on premise, I understand and agree to the following:

I understand and agree that YARD BAR Dog Park requires that my dog is current on vaccinations including Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. I understand that YARD BAR Dog Park highly recommends the Leptospirosis vaccination for dogs. I acknowledge that vaccinations cover a limited number of disease strains and I release YARD BAR from any liability should my pet be exposed to any diseases while on the premises.

I understand that if my dog must be under my voice control at all times. I must remain in the park with leash at hand and my dog in sight at ALL times.

I understand that in order for YARD BAR to maintain a flea-free facility, all pets found to have fleas will be asked to leave the park.

I understand that my dog is required to have a collar with name tag and applicable license tags. I understand that gentle leaders, harnesses, and prong collars, are not accepted as “collars”.

I understand the playgroups are NOT supervised by YARD BAR staff at all times and knowingly accept the risk associated with allowing my dog(s) to play communally with other animals while on the premises. I acknowledge that while YARD BAR makes every effort to facilitate healthy and safe play, dog behavior is unpredictable and may change at any time without warning.

I understand that the YARD BAR Dog Park is open to all breeds.

I accept full responsibility for my pet and release YARD BAR and other pet owners from all liability associated with my pet’s communal play up to severe injury and including death.

1 acknowledge and agree that YARD BAR is not responsible for any wildlife that may enter the park grounds including squirrels, possums, birds, etc. I understand that such wildlife may a) carry disease b) be consumed by my pet c) injure my pet.

I understand that YARD BAR is NOT responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen personal items of any value left by me.

I acknowledge that YARD BAR reserves the right to refuse service at any time for any reason. I agree to pay any fees incurred as a result of damage done by my pet(s) to YARD BAR Dog Park or property.

I acknowledge that YARD BAR has clearly displayed their policies regarding Dog Park Rules and etiquette and I agree to those policies.

I release YARD BAR from all liability for any injury inflicted upon other people or dogs by my dog(s), or any injury to my dog(s) including without limitation, injuries, illness, grooming, escape, or death, and that I am responsible for all costs and fees related to the same. I release YARD BAR from any liability for any injury that may be caused to me by other animals or park features on the premises.

I give YARD BAR the right to take and use photographs/videos of my pet(s) as often as desired. I waive the right of approval and release YARD BAR from all claims which I may have on account of publication of any photographs or videos. I understand that the copyright of images/videos taken by YARD BAR remain the sole property of YARD BAR.